2019 JPPayroll SBPay


2018 JPPayroll SBPay


2019 JPPayroll QPay


2018 JPPayroll QPay



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  1. Set up Employer's Information: Enter Employer's general information, Federal & State Tax ID's, UI rates, Workers Comp rates, Departments, Earnings Types, Pretax Deductions, Miscellaneous Deductions, Bank Account, Tax Form Signer and Preparer's information.
  2. Set up Employee's Information: Enter employee's information, filing status, federal & state allowances, wages and deductions. (Collect data from form W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, use form CA DE 34 report a new hire).
  1. QuickPay: Create Paychecks in just a few clicks: Automatically calculates earnings, payroll taxes and deductions. On each payday, just verify wages rates, hours and other deductions of the employees on QuickPay List and just a few clicks you will get all paychecks ready to print for all or selected employees.
  2. Print Paychecks: Save time and money with our Free MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). There is no need for preprinted checks, no check storage. Our software prints entire payroll checks (company, bank, payee and MICR encoded line) on blank check stock.
  3. Pay Taxes: Our Payroll Summary Reports instantly calculate and guide you pay federal and state payroll taxes or make tax deposits easily.
  4. File Tax Forms: just print, sign and mail.

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