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EzUSAPayroll - QPay:
  Complete Payroll Processing from Paychecks to W-2's forms as easy as 1.2.3!
  Prepare Payroll & Print Paychecks in seconds.
  With a few clicks you can pay employees and file tax forms. Just enter employee's hours and EzUSAPayroll will automatically calculate the rest.
  Pay employees, Pay Bills, Pay Taxes. Write and print your own checks on blank check stock.
  Print Tax Forms on plain blank paper.
  Only $120 a year for new user or renewal.
Download our 2017 EzUSAPayroll QPay Software.
EzUSA Payroll SB - Additional features:
  Quick prepare 1099-MISC for non-employees, independent contractors.
  Prepare Paychecks, payroll reports for departments, branches, multiple locations.
  Pretax Deductions, Pension Plans, 401-K etc.
  Only $160 a year for new user or renewal.
Download our 2018 EzUSAPayroll SBPay Software.
-  For additional $150.00 initial payroll set up fee and $50.00 for each quarter as needed.
-  We will help you to set up employer & employee's information, transfer and merge your current payroll data to our software.
-  We will help you get your first payroll preparation, print pay checks, pay payroll taxes and file quarterly tax returns to year-end W-2 forms.
Blank Laser Checks
(Top Format DLT831-1 1-part)
DLT831-1 500 1000
You Pay: $45.00 $67.00